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Health & Recovery

Virtual Athletic Trainer from WaveOn

WaveOn is a modern approach to deliver the quickest and most efficient solution for every athlete. By leveraging technology and professional experts, we’re allowing athletes to take control of their health and keep playing. 

We are excited to optimize our athletes’ health from day one. In the first 30 days with Sandlot and the WaveOn service, our athletes will:

  1. Complete a data-driven FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN for injury prevention and performance optimization
  2. Capture precise health analytics to detect limitations and unlock potential
  3. Received personalized injury prevention plan
  4. Access expert and compassionate support on the WaveOn platform 
  5. Immediate access and discounts on recovery devices and other products that can be delivered right to the athletes home

All they need is their phone.

Upon team registration, you will receive and email to download the Sandlot branded app to start your program.

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